The Artist of Barbour International T-Shirts

This Autumn/Winter 17 we’ll be introducing you to the artist behind our Barbour International T-shirt capsule collection, finding out what influences his graphic style and the ideas behind the final designs.

Nigel Vallis is an avid biker, as a designer,He loves Motorcycle culture. He was fascinated by motorbikes, road bikes and racing bikes.

Later on, he would go to race weekends and that’s when he was inspired by the advertising and graphics around bike culture. He love the simple approach to the garage signs, workshop manuals, film posters and tank badges. One or two colour prints and hand-drawn signs that could always be read from a distance, it is a no nonsense, direct, fit for purpose approach.

He has also loved working with the Barbour International archive, they’ve got such a rich history in making clothing for Trials riders so there’s tons to work with. He thinks by putting a new spin on the archive images you can create something great.

Taking inspiration and knowing the bike culture over the years, the kind of t-shirts that bikers want to wear and by designing tees you’d want to wear yourself means the collection will celebrate Barbour International’s heritage whilst staying true to Duncan Barbour’s vision of the brand.

When working on a brief such as the one from Barbour International He thinks it starts with looking at the brand, their heritage and putting ideas together that celebrate their approach to apparel. It’s really important to create newness to move things on but also to create stuff that sits well with the brands history.